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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. 

I have always been an avid fan of cinema and was fascinated with the making of them from a young age. I would always watch the behind the scenes footage on my DVD collection and study the intricate workings of how films came together. When I went travelling after finishing school I developed a love for photography and capturing the world around me. When I returned home I was taking photos at every family event and doing portraits for friends and decided to pursue the field of creative industries.


During my time at Edinburgh college I was drawn to all aspects of Film and Television production and managed to grow my portfolio with experience in many fields, from promotional videos for the restaurants I worked at and Youth Gymnastic teams to New born and Baby Photography. I have filmed Heart of Midlothian Football games and put together an informational piece for schools for the Scottish Financial Enterprise. My work in these projects speaks for itself with both clients requesting repeated work from me. I am currently available for projects in Edinburgh and throughout Central Scotland.


When you pick Meikle Lane to manage your creative project you are getting a personal, hands on approach. I enjoy taking on projects from start to finish and taking care of everything from concept design to final editing. I enjoy working with businesses and commercial enterprises to help achieve your vision. I do also enjoy working on series and films on the entertainment side, and would happily take on consulting roles or camera work if a full creative package was not required.

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